Application areas for alcohol monitoring

Personal monitoring

Proven sober – iBAC is ideal when you want to prove your sobriety for yourself, your family and friends. The size and handling makes it easy to always bring along.

E-health for rehab care

With iBAC, any number of alcohol tests can be done at irregular times and with greater cost-efficiency. Thanks to the mobile link and the software, every exhalation test can also be integrated with and processed in the computer systems of the care institution.

QHSE for professional use

With the iBAC, the company can ensure that staff meet the requirements for soberness before, during and at the end of a work shift with minimal impact to staff.

The iBAC solution

Alcosystems engineers has managed to challenge the convention of very high accuracy vs small size.Learn More
iBAC is the worlds first extremely accurate alcometer designed for your pocket.Learn More
iBAC is smart phone enabled via bluetooth, and has premium apps for various needs.
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iBAC is very simple to use and is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and once the test is finished the result is displayed in the phone.Learn More

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Frequently asked questions

What is the iBAC?

What is Alcosystems?
When do I need to calibrate my iBAC?
How do I calibrate iBAC?

iBAC from Alcosystems AB is one of the smallest meters on the market. Despite the small size we had results that meets the bigger and professional alcohol meters that is available on the market. iBAC have been very easy to deliver a sample in and the colour indicating diodes that communicates with the user has been clear. iBAC has taken the sample when the proper physical conditions have been fulfilled and all values have been very good or acceptable.

Tomas Jonsson, MHF International road safety test lab